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    Purchasing & Supply

    CAC Purchase Department, one highly-efficient and professional team with less than 10 persons, undertakes the materials supplying for the raw and auxiliary materials, packing materials and main equipment required for the routine production in each base, as well as the business such as trade purchase support of technical materials, out-sourcing processing of preparations etc. In addition, it undertakes the regulations and guidance functions of work relating to the routine purchase, warehouse management and service outsourcing operation in each base.


    Based on the strong brand credibility of CAC, the Purchasing Department successfully completes all supplying tasks and management function requirements. Therefore we obtain the honorary title of “Annual Excellent Team” in company.


    Our team deepens the bidding and purchasing process, extends external cooperation, down-stream promotion on supply chain and MRO platform purchase etc. in unfavorable condition which external safety and environmental protection strictly controlled as well as high self-pressure of improving internal management level and working performance. We are focusing on push forward CAC supply chain system with high efficiency. Due to the great support from all friends, partners from all industries and fields, we have confidence to move forward hand in hand and realize the win-win future.