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    Overseas Business Unit (OBU)

    Rooted in CAC, eyeing on the whole world. The broad overseas market is the most active stage for the young CACer’s. We are now speeding up the global layout of our three core products and building up strong partnerships with various key accounts in every main market. For niche products, we also reconfirm CAC’s features as high HSE standard, premium quality guarantee and long-term supply stability.


    We seize the time and reach every mission. We serve customers in Asia Pacific, Europe, America and Latin America, cross 19 time zones in total, from GMT+11 to GMT-9. We and our beloved customers grow together and support each other; We have earned good reputation with our professionalism and worth-trusting.


    CAC’s fine products and dedicated service are been severed to global clients until end users through our team.


    Whenever you need ACD*, please remember to inquire CAC!

    *A=Azoxystrobin, C=Chlorothalonil, D=2,4-D